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Five 9 Sports Management

- Five 9er since 2022



from Stockholm, SWEDEN

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Bollstanäs SK


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A true 9

absolute best at central forward

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Speed & strength

are two of her top characteristics

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Mac Hermann list

nominated as one of the best players in NCAA D1

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Bollstanäs SK

youth- 2019

fgcu logo.png

Florida Gulf Coast University

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Hammarby IF

summer 2019

2019- 2022

- Goal record:

33 goals in 21 games

(2018, div.1)

- Debut in Elitettan 2014, at 15 years old


- All-Conference Player of the Year

- All-Conference 1st Team 

- Mac Hermann Trophy watchlist 2022

- 34 goals in 65 games

- Conference Champion 


KIF Örebro

jan - July 2023

BP logga.png


July 2023 - December 2023

- Damallsvenskan (Swedish top league)

- Games: 17

- Starts: 6

- Goals: 0

- Damallsvenskan (Swedish top league)

- Games: 8

- Starts: 4

- Goals: 1

- Elitettan, Swedish 2nd tier

- 9 games 4 goals

- Played for Hammarby during her summer break at FGCU

bsk logga.png

Bollstanäs SK

Jan 2024 -

- Elitettan (Swedish 2nd tier)

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