Five 9 Sports Management

What does Five 9 stand for?

You know "9 to 5"? The typical job where you basically just show up to get paid. Where you live for the weekend and can´t wait for vacation?

Five 9 is the opposite.

Five 9 is doing what you love, fulltime. 

​ 99.999% is the purest existing form of gold, also known as "five nine". That´s where the golden logo comes from, which represents the highest possible standard, and genuineness. ​


Five was my jersey number in college. 9 is my all-time favorite number. Nothing is random.

Why did I create Five 9?

Because all the agencies I knew about were founded by men/guys.

Nah, not only because of that. I worked at Athletes USA´s headquarters in Florida after my graduation and represented footballers, swimmers and everything in between. Loved it from the very start but eventually wanted to focus on football only.

After two years I felt like I had the network and knowledge necessary to do this by myself. So I quit, got my agent´s license and started Five 9. 


Founder facts

Linnéa Lindmark from Leksand. Grew up in Sweden and Germany followed by Florida and Barcelona. Almost always moved because of football.

Licensed agent since 2019 and currently based in Stockholm. Fluent in Swedish, English, German, and Spanish. 

 What we do?

Help our favorite players with their careers. With everything that comes with it.

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